Yeshurun Community

Yeshurun is a mainstream Ashkenazi community, of some 330 families, many of whom have been established in Edgware for a number of years.

We are an orthodox community whose spiritual and lay leaders refer to the Halachic authority of the Beth Din of the Federation of Synagogues.

Nevertheless, we believe it is important to welcome and encourage all Jews who wish to belong to our community, irrespective of their individual religious commitment. We therefore embrace and accommodate a wide spectrum of religious observance among our members. A majority, though by no means all, of our regulars are ‘shomrei shabbos’.

We believe in creating opportunities to pursue adult Jewish education at many different levels for both men and women. Under the guidance and leadership of Rabbi Alan Lewis, Yeshurun’s Minister, a series of shiurim and discussion groups are available on each day of the week from those wanting basic levels of reading skills to advanced Gemora.

We support the people of Israel and the Jewish homeland, whose welfare we pray for every week. Yom Ha’atzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim are celebrated in the Shul. Many of our children have continued their studies in Israel and developed strong ties there – some making Aliyah.

The synagogue prides itself on being “large enough to matter yet small enough to care”, and most members of the community are known to each other. Because of this, Yeshurun remains a very friendly place and few visitors in shul are not approached with a hearty Yeshurun welcome.

A number of new members from other communities have arrived and settled into Yeshurun’s fold in the last decade. We celebrate the good times together at one another’s Simchas and we support and console each other during the challenging times that all families endure.

In 2016, a young adult minyan, YAM, was established.