Edgware Jewry traces back to the 1920s, following the extension to Edgware in 1924 of the underground railway’s Northern Line.

The first community was established in Edgware in 1927 which formed into the present Edgware United Synagogue. The Yeshurun community was established in 1946 by the Federation of Synagogues as a smaller, more traditional and less establishment based alternative. The first services of the congregation were held on Shabbos 26th October 1946 and a shul on the present site in Fernhurst Gardens was consecrated in 1950.

The building we see today was the result of Yeshurun’s expansion in the ensuring 25 years and was officially opened in 1975. Further expansion and modernisation has taken place since, including the complete refurbishment of the Leff Hall in 2006.