Pesach 5784/2024

If anyone is able to host a guest at their Seder or would like a place at Seder, please contact Tamar Sassoon ( or Binny Holder (

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Monday 15, Wednesday 17, Thursday 18 AprilMechirat chametz (selling chametz) in person with Rabbi Shindler.
Members can also sell their chametz using the online form (see Federation Pesach Resources)Forms should be submitted before Thursday 18 April.
After Ma’ariv
Sunday 21 AprilHagolat Keylim (kashering of vessels) at Yeshurun
(See Federation Pesach Resources for DIY)
Bedikat chametz (search for chametz)After 20:58
Monday 22 April – Erev PesachShacharit followed by siyum for Ta’anit Bechorot (Fast of the First Born)06:50
2nd Shacharit08:00
Last time for eating chametz09:56
Last time for bi’ur chametz (burning chametz)11:28
1st Day Yom Tov begins
Mincha followed by Ma’ariv
Seder begins on or after21:00
Tuesday 23 April – Pesach Day 1Shacharit followed by Musaf and Tal
Security team: purple
YAM Shacharit followed by Musaf and Tal09:30
Mincha followed by Ma’ariv
Sefirat Ha’Omer from 2nd night Pesach onwards
2nd Day Yom Tov begins
(light candles after this from an existing flame and begin seder)
Wednesday 24 April – Pesach Day 2Shacharit followed by Musaf
Security team: red
YAM Shacharit followed by Musaf09:30
Mincha followed shiur20:00
Ma’ariv and Motzei Yom Tov21:04
Thursday 25 April – Chol Hamo’ed/Pesach Day 31st Shacharit06:45
2nd Shacharit08:00
Mincha & Ma’ariv19:30
Friday 26 April – Chol Hamo’ed/Pesach Day 41st Shacharit06:45
2nd Shacharit08:00
Mincha followed by Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv19:15
Shabbat begins20:01
Sunday 28 April – Chol Hamo’ed/Erev Yom Tov/Pesach Day 6Shacharit08:00
7th Day Yom Tov begins20:04
Monday 29 April – Yom Tov/Pesach Day 7Shacharit followed by Musaf
Security team: green
YAM Shacharit followed by Musaf09:30
Mincha followed by Ma’ariv20:10
8th Day Yom Tov begins
(light candles after this from an existing flame)
Tuesday 30 April – Yom Tov/Pesach Day 8Shacharit followed by Musaf
Security team: purple
YAM Shacharit followed by Musaf09:30
Mincha followed by shiur20:10
Ma’ariv and Motzei Yom Tov21:15
Pesach Gemach Fund Appeal

With the current crisis in Israel, and the huge demands being placed on all of us for support for our brothers and sisters fighting for our homeland, it would be easy to overlook those closer to home who also need our assistance

we appreciate the pressures of supporting yet another charity, we ask you to bear in mind your friends and neighbours – those you see around you daily and in shul – who struggle to provide for themselves and their families at Pesach. Even relatively small amounts can help us to support them, and we ask you to give what you can in time to take part in this great mitzvah.

Donations can be made via the shul office (which can accept charity vouchers and cheques), Simon Sefton, 30 Lake View, Edgware HA8 7RU or Seth Belson, 24 Dukes Avenue, Edgware HA8 7RX. Cheques should be made payable to the ‘Yeshurun Gemach’ Donations can also be made by internet banking to HSBC, sort code 40-07-24, account number 11301691, account name Yeshurun Gemach.

Wishing everyone a Happy Kosher Pesach and thank you for your support.

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