AGM Update

Dear members and friends 

We had a packed room for this year’s AGM. A number of items were brought up and discussed at length with almost everyone there participating.  Many ideas will be taken to the new Board of Management for consideration and we look forward to updating members in due course. The minutes of the AGM will be circulated shortly.  

I would like to thank the previous Board for all their help and support. 

Special thanks are due to Steve Resnick, who has stepped down as Warden.  He brought his special brand of energy to the team, organising the English afternoon teas and the very successful BBQs, he was chief  schlepper of tables and chairs, all over and above his Gabbi duties. Thank you very much Steve.  

I also thank and welcome all the new members who have come forward to stand for the coming term, we all look forward to you joining the team.  The management team working with me is:

Honorary Officers
Chair: Adam Tash
Wardens: John Sheer and Netanel Kleinman
Financial Representative: Avi Grossman

Board of Management
Ladies Representatives
Alma Holder
Tamar Sassoon                                                                        
Deborah Mostyn
Rebecca Grossman
Sara Bernstein
Gentlemen Representatives 
Benjamin Mire
David Schogger
Menachem Rabin
Binny Holder        
Adam Gordon
Asher Dworkin
Seth Belson