Yeshurun Bids a Fond Farewell to Rabbi and Rebbetzin Burman

Dear Members and Friends, 

We want to let you all know that Abi and I will be leaving Yeshurun towards the end of the current year to take up a new communal position. While we are excited by this new opportunity we are of course also sad to be leaving.

We will look back upon our time with the Community with fond memories. Arriving in the midst of the Pandemic, we have been privileged to see YAM emerge much stronger on the other side with a robust schedule of shiurim; social events; publications and community-initiated programming taking place throughout the year. 

We are grateful to have been entrusted with the rabbinic leadership of a Kehillah that so many tell us has impacted their sense of belonging and Jewish identity. Few rabbinic couples are fortunate enough to accompany such young and dedicated singles and couples on their Jewish journey at such a formative times of their lives. Abi and I will continue to derive much nachas from seeing how our friends and their families in the Kehillah have developed. 

It has also been a pleasure to have been involved with the membership of the “Main Shul” where we have developed lasting friendships and run a number of events and learning initiatives, particularly as YAM joined the Yeshurun for shared learning and davening experience. We mourned together on Tisha B’Av; rejoiced together on Yom Yerushalayim and learnt together on Tikkun Leil alongside a number of other shiurim, talks and social events. We shall remain active and available in our current roles as required until we leave the Shul and we know that the wonderful relationships that we have developed will continue long after.

We wish to thank Rabbi and Rebbetzin Lewis, the Honorary Officers, Board of Management and all of the Kehilla for 3+ years of wonderful experiences, meaningful learning encounters and lasting friendships.

Rabbi Chaim and Rebbitzen Abi Burman